How to make your outfit Pop

How to make your outfit Pop

With spring right around the corner, I have bold colors on my mind. And, of course, mustard/yellow is still my favorite and is still on trend for spring. Some people are intimidated by bold colors so I suggest just adding small doses of color to your outfit of choice.

Wear an outfit full of all neutrals, then add some color somewhere to make it pop. This could be on a small scale, like colored shoes, earrings, a necklace, or a belt. Or it could be one piece of colorful clothing, like a colorful skirt, cardigan, or kimono.

Adding a pop of color can add a lot of life to a look, but the question I get most as a stylist is WHEN to add that pop.  My response is  “when you are in a fun and lively mood”.  I then ask the question what colors makes you smile? 

Adding color is a way of adding a real eye-catching piece to your look that will draw attention.      

The simplest and no-fail way to add a pop of color is to start with a monochromatic outfit (all one color or a black and white).  An all black ensemble is probably the easiest to work with, but any neutral outfit will look awesome when paired with most colors.