Kiondoo Fashion

Kiondoo Fashion

What is a Kiondo/Kiondoo?

kiondoo is a handwoven handbag made from sisal with leather trimmings. It is indigenous to the TaitaKikuyu and Kamba tribes of Kenya. These Kenyan weavers begin by stripping the Sisal plant's outer layers, leaving the plant still able to grow. The weaver uses threads from the pale colored layers, that have dried out for a day, to make a bag. A design pattern is finalized. The weaver then boils the threads to be used with water and dye sets the bag's colors. Now the weaving begins. Two single threads are twined to form one strong thread. Many such threads are woven. It is from these threads that a sisal bag is made. It takes between two and three weeks to complete a bag. Sometimes small beads and shells are woven into the kiondoo 

What can it be used for?

Use them as a fashion accessory to compliment your outfit, in the living room for storing magazines or firewood, in the kids' room for toys, books or clothing or in the kitchen for plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables. 

Caring for your Kiondo basket:    

Hand wash only with a damp cloth or rinse with warm water and a detergent if needed. Do not scrub. Shape when wet and let dry.